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Can it be true? Is the cat out of the bag on this one? Do major producers really go to Zombie Mud racing scout for high speed survivors who can get dirty and escape undead danger By the skin of their teeth? According to a recent article in The Island Times, anonymous sources say it’s true! The article references certain « industry types » who have been spotted « hanging out » at Zombie Mud Runs across the continental US to see who’s who in the Zombie Mud Runs winner’s circle.

Source: http://buffalozombiemudrun.com/

Source: http://buffalozombiemudrun.com/

Too good to be true?

Detractors say, “No way, there’s no chance Hollywood movers and shakers are looking for actors Messy fun runs, Get Real!” but it should be noted that zombie mud runs and fun runs have grown considerably in recent years. The sheer number of extras required to make a real zombie horde is almost endless. Since the mud pit settings fit the look of many zombie dramas, they could easily serve as clandestine casting calls for zombies and horror related media!

Source: Jacksonville Florida GoGirl Mud Run

Source: Jacksonville Florida GoGirl Mud Run

Get the mud out of your eyes

Some race officials themselves deny this easy street to stardom claims. Race organizer for the Zombies Alive! Fun Mud Run, Beth McGhetty, said: « The point of the race is to have fun, don’t let these ridiculous rumors ruin what’s supposed to be just something to make people laugh, it makes it a competition, we’re just have fun here! » Is that right Bert? Then who is parked at the last Zombies Alive! Nice mud run?

That's right, probably a celebrity

Who would drive a limousine in the middle of the woods? A Hollywood cop, that’s who.

How can I be noticed?

Our insider sources tell us that the best way to get noticed by Tinseltown Bigwigs hunting « Fresh Meat » for the big shows is to show what you’re capable of. You have to show your acting range, so scream and cry if you’re scared! Laugh loudly when something is funny so they can hear your beautiful voice from their limousine. Before running in the mud, get your hair done, your nails done, your nose hairs plucked – treat it like a job interview! Everyone else will just be there to train and have a « good time », but now that you know the real score, you’ll stand out as a sore thumb to those Hollywood types and get that leading role for sure!

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