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As a professional as well as as an individual, it is important to be accompanied by a specialist in gemology like GEM SELECTION, capable of giving you the best advice on investing in precious stones. It is also quite possible to enter his universe by being at his side to discover your future purchase thanks to the journey in gemology through DISCOVERY GEMS which he organizes with passion.

Why trust GEM SELECTION in investing in precious stones?

This may seem obvious to some but not always to others: benefiting from professional advice when you want to embark on an investment, whatever it may be, is the best way to ensure quality purchases, with complete peace of mind.

It is for this reason that many customers call on GEM SELECTION. Indeed, this gemstone supplier allows you to have access to elegant and refined gemstones corresponding to your preferences and needs. His primary objective is to succeed in selecting stones that are the most suited to your expectations. He is also very present with people who want to make an investment in precious stones for the most profitable return.

It is through his many travels and thanks to his various experiences that GEM SELECTION has the opportunity to guide you in the purchase of precious and fine stones, but also to regularly offer you new gems.

If many people trust him, in particular several houses on Place Vendôme in Paris, it is because his working methods have always been able to prove his professional qualities. If he flies to the four corners of the world to find your rare pearl, you can nevertheless be assured of having a follow-up of his search thanks to the sending of photos and videos. With GEM SELECTION, beyond the investment work in precious stones, it is also a passionate collaboration that is carried out.

Discover gemstone investing with GEM SELECTION

If GEM SELECTION goes in search of the most beautiful stones for your investment in precious and fine stones, it is above all for you and for your projects. So, so that you can have the feeling of participating in all phases of the research work, it is possible for you to accompany him and follow his steps to the four corners of the world. You can then discover his work as a gemologist by discovering all the steps of the process necessary to meet your needs.

In addition, to perpetuate his profession and to transmit all his knowledge to as many people as possible, GEM SELECTION offers field training thanks to which it is possible to follow him in Thailand, Sri Lanka or India. This is an opportunity for you to discover all the facets of the profession, in theory and in practice.

In which precious stones to invest?

There are many factors to consider when you want to get into gemstone investing. Indeed, depending on what you want or what you need, whether you are an individual or a professional, it is essential to be rigorous and to keep informed of the right moments for the right investment.

To know all the ins and outs, GEM SELECTION offers you the benefit of its knowledge and know-how in order to guide and support you in your purchase. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, spinels, tourmalines, garnets… These types of precious and fine stones are considered the most interesting due to the evolution of the price of other stones for more than five years.

However, it is important to monitor the course of all families of gemstones so as to be sure not to be mistaken in the investment in precious stones. When a price increases for one stone, another may suffer. For colorless diamonds, the budget may vary depending on their quality and size.

A good investment in gemstones cannot be assured if you do not have a person whose job it is! We therefore advise you to contact gemologists and suppliers such as GEM SELECTION, who will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

By Liam