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Wage portage is an increasingly attractive form of employment for the self-employed who aspire to stability, as well as for employees who wish to start their own business while remaining employed.

What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a unique form of employment that straddles the line between self-employment and salaried work. This relationship involves three parties: first, the independent contractor who signs an employment contract with the portage company (EPS); second, its client companies to which it will provide services; and third, those same customers who sign a service contract with said umbrella company.

In exchange for a commission or management fee, the Rennes wage portage oversees all administrative aspects of the self-employed person’s business and transforms his earnings into income. In doing so, the self-employed person obtains the status of « employee », more simply known as « ported ».

What are the benefits of wage portage?

Wage portage allows you to maintain your autonomy by being freed from all administrative responsibilities. Whether invoicing, customer reminders or declarations to the public authorities, this method gives consultants the freedom to devote themselves entirely to their mission by selecting customers and even setting a price for their service.

Umbrella companies take full responsibility for paying their consultants’ salaries, ensuring that invoices are paid promptly. Additionally, Professional Liability Insurance protects against any damages incurred during assignments, providing a secure layer of protection.

The ported employees are backed by their pay slips, which provides financial stability not only to lenders but also to banking institutions. In addition, social protection provides a safety net in case of cessation of activityguaranteeing the payment of loans and other monthly installments through allowances.

By Liam