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Art makes us feel emotions, allows us to connect with something bigger than ourselves, and gives our lives purpose.

Thanks to the internet and some great online art classes, the ability to learn and practice art is right at your fingertips. Nevertheless, with free online art courses popping up all over the internet, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

There are many art class websites out there, but choosing the right site can be a bit of a hassle (especially if you’re not sure what you want to learn). Following are some of the best free online art classes:

1. New Masters Academy

At the New Masters Academy, you’ll find many resources and classes dedicated to 3D animation, graphic design, digital painting, and more. If you dig deep enough on their website, you’ll also find some free 2D drawing tutorials.

The site also offers professional certification programs in digital illustration and digital storytelling.

They even offer a paid membership. For $35 a month, this membership gives you access to all of their classes and you receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

2. The art assignment

The Art Commission is a website with a variety of interesting and informative articles about art and art history. PBS Digital Studios oversees the site and art historian and curator Sarah Green serves as host.

The design of the website is professional and user-friendly, with a straightforward, contemporary style that succeeds in both form and function.

The Art Assignment video series is one of its most distinctive elements due to the wide range of topics it covers. The films are professionally made; they contain high-quality images and provide clear, concise explanations of the topics covered. The videos cover a wide range of art-related themes, from classical movements such as the Renaissance and Impressionism to cutting-edge movements such as performance art and street art.

On The Art Assignment you will find written articles and interviews with artists and curators, as well as the video series. These materials give readers a comprehensive understanding of the creative process and an insider’s perspective on the art world.

In short, The Art Assignment is a must-read for any student or lover of visual arts. The website is professionally designed, easy to use and packed with interesting and educational learning materials.

There is much to be gained from reading The Art Assignment, whether you are a seasoned art historian or just beginning your exploration of the art world.

3. Digital art masters

Digital Art Masters is a site dedicated to the art of 3D art and digital illustration. They offer some great tutorials in addition to their classes, including many different drawing and painting classes.

You can also see how well-known artists create their masterpieces and learn valuable tips through their mastering series. Even if you are a beginner, you can find many free tutorials on their site.

4. Sharing skills

Perhaps one of the most well-known sites for free online classes, Skillshare is the place to go for just about any skill. Their art section offers just about every type of class, including drawing and painting classes, sketching classes, and even photography classes.

It’s amazing how many options are available on Skillshare; you can find everything from simple to advanced lessons. The site also features video-based courses so you can learn at your own pace.

5. Art School TV

Art School TV is an excellent site for drawing lessons and inspiration, but it’s also a starting point for an art career. This site has been around for many years and has taught thousands of students how to improve their skills and become an artist.

Art School TV offers free weekly videos on a variety of topics, aimed at both amateurs and professionals. The site is also full of tips and advice from successful artists around the world.

6. Nature Art Club

You will not find any courses at Nature’s Art Club; instead, you’ll find a collection of art supplies, tutorials, and everything in between. The site is designed to be educational but entertaining, so you won’t feel like it’s all work – this site is about having fun while learning something new.

Many of the articles are intended as a starting point for deeper research. For example, you can move from reading an article on how to draw a realistic rock to finding a more in-depth lesson on how to draw rocks.

7. Thrive in art school

Online art classes are provided by Thrive Art School, which is open to students of all ages. Information about courses, teachers and schedules can be easily found on this site. The style is visually appealing, with vibrant colors and interesting graphics that will appeal to children and adults alike.

Thrive Art School’s many offerings are one of its main draws. They offer classes for children as young as three years old, as well as classes for older children, teens, and adults. Drawing, painting, digital art and even mixed media are all covered in these varied courses. The site also offers courses in a variety of specialized art forms, including anime drawing, watercolor painting, and printmaking.

The quality of education at Thrive Art School is very remarkable. Professional artists and educators with a penchant for passing on their knowledge are featured on the site. The courses are planned to encourage student participation through regular question-and-answer periods and other interactive activities.

The site also includes a number of tools for students, such as how-to videos, downloadable materials, and a discussion board where students can network and showcase their work.

Students can find a variety of classes taught by qualified instructors on this site, as well as a warm and welcoming community. Thrive Art School is an excellent resource for artists of all skill levels.

8. Artificial fire

Artfire is an amazing website created by a group of artists who want to make the world a better place through art. They offer a wide variety of art classes for both professionals and amateurs.

The site also offers many inspirational and motivational articles, interviews with inspiring artists and more. Many of the courses offered on Artfire are longer than just one or two lessons, so you will benefit greatly from each course.

9. My creative tools

My Creative Tools is another site that offers an impressive selection of online drawing lessons in addition to their courses. They offer a wide variety of courses on a wide variety of topics. My Creative Tools also offers critique and advice on all your art-related questions.

The site is run by an instructor with over 10 years of experience, so you know that what you learn on this site is top notch. If you’re not sure where to start, visit their blog for free tutorials and guides.

10. Exercise Classes

Motion Tutorials is a video site with over 30 hours of video tutorials. Some videos are free and some are paid, but they also have a plan where you pay only for what you need (the student pack costs $10 per month).

The videos are professionally designed and taught by artists, so even if you are an advanced artist, you can find something useful. The Motion Tutorials videos are designed for various digital programs including Photoshop and Illustrator.


When faced with the plethora of free online art programs available, it can be difficult to decide which one to enroll in. With luck, you can find what you need using these resources.

There is a great need for accessible, high-quality and cheap art education and free online art lessons fill this gap. The proliferation of online resources has made it possible for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to take courses in everything from stick figure drawing to creating complex digital artwork.

The online discussion forums and teacher comments in these courses not only foster a sense of camaraderie and help students feel less alone in their teaching activities, but also contribute directly to their academic success.

In general, people who want to explore their artistic interests and develop their artistic skills will find free online art classes a useful and readily available resource.

By Liam