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Is investing in the stock market and becoming a trader a financial objective that interests you? Whether you are a beginner or an expert in investing in the stock markets, there are a few specialized mobile applications that you absolutely need to know. Paid or free, they have become effective instruments for investing in Forex, for buying CFD shares or for learning about the world of the stock market through simulations.

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Read on and learn about the best performing mobile trading apps in 2020.

1. The E-Toro mobile trading application

E-toro is a web application and platform that offers its users to model themselves on seasoned traders with the intention of emulating their investment strategies. You thus benefit from sound advice and can copy investment models that have already proven themselves.

The E-toro trading application allows you to invest in all financial markets (Forex, CFD, bonds, crypto-currencies, etc.).

2. Invest in the stock market with the NetDania app

The NetDania trading application is aimed at a confirmed audience. It provides real-time knowledge of a multitude of stock market information: currency prices, stock quotes, commodity indices and more. Nearly 20,000 financial tools are available on the NetDania mobile platform and app.

3.Trading with the Investing App

Investing is a very popular stock market investment application. It is used by more than 5 million investors worldwide! A real reference. You can organize your investment schedule with great precision and be informed about the stock market news of your choice. If you are looking for a complete and powerful trading application, Investing will give you complete satisfaction.

4. Stock Trainer to test your investing skills

Stock Trainer, as its name suggests, offers a stock market simulation identical to real conditions. It takes information from the Forex and other markets in real time and offers you to invest in simulation mode with the greatest realism.

This mobile application is ideal for training or for learning how to build a successful stock market investment strategy! It will tell you if you are really ready to become a trader!

5. Trading with the Robinhood Mobile App

Robinhood has all the benefits of a great trading app. It is easy to handle, free to install and also offers quality extensions through its subscription. The 0% commission rate makes it a preferred app for those new to trading.

6. E-trade to invest like a professional

With E-trade, the financial markets of shares, Forex or bonds are analyzed in detail. We also appreciate the voice recognition system which allows easy and ergonomic control of the application. Unavoidable.

With these mobile trading applications, you will be able to start on the best foundations for investing in the stock market.

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By Liam