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The city of Chicago has a well-deserved reputation as a cultural center. It’s no surprise that adult art classes in Chicago have become so popular, given the city’s plethora of world-class museums and creative galleries.

Whether you’re an established artist or just starting your artistic journey, there’s an art class for you.

Here are some of the best adult art classes in Chicago that will help you improve your skills and bring out your inner creativity.

1. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago offers a variety of classes and workshops for adults, from digital photography to painting. They have classes for all skill levels, from beginner courses like ‘Introduction to Drawing’ to more advanced workshops like ‘Advanced Oil Painting’.

The instructors are expert professionals in their field and provide the perfect learning environment.

2. Rotblatt-Amrany Fine Arts Studio

Fine Arts Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany, located in Northbrook, Illinois, is an art school that helps people discover the joys of art while learning various techniques.

Here you will find intensive seminars such as ‘Masterclass Portrait Sculpture Intensive’ or multi-week courses such as ‘Portrait Painting’.

3. Chicago Art Department

The Chicago Art Department offers classes to adults in many different art disciplines, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking.

They offer basic level courses such as ‘Start Drawing/Painting’ and advanced workshops such as ‘Advanced Figure Drawing’. The instructors are experienced professionals who provide students with valuable insight into their craft.

4. City-lit books and archives

This bookstore has classes for adults on topics ranging from basic painting to figure drawing. Their expert instructors help everyone from novice painters to experienced artists hone their skills and develop their style.

5. Small street art center

Lillstreet Art Center is located in Ravenswood, just north of Chicago. They are committed to encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their creative talents through a variety of media. They offer a variety of adult art classes such as ceramics, painting, and printmaking.

The courses range from beginner level workshops such as ‘Introduction to Drawing’ to advanced seminars such as ‘Advanced Oil Painting’. In addition to classes, Lillstreet Art Center has a gallery space where visitors can view the work of local artists. The center also provides studio space for artists to rent and host art events throughout the year.

6. Chicago Mosaic School

The Chicago Mosaic School offers classes for adults who want to learn the art of mosaic making. The instructors have experienced professionals who give students valuable insight into their craft and help them create beautiful mosaics.

Their courses range from beginner level workshops such as ‘Introduction to Mosaics’ to more advanced seminars such as ‘Advanced Mosaic Techniques’.

7. Renaissance Studio Gallery

Renaissance Studio Gallery offers a variety of adult art classes in oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting and drawing. The instructors are experienced professionals who provide valuable instruction on technique, composition and color theory.

In addition to classes, Renaissance Studio Gallery also has a gallery space where visitors can view the work of local artists.

8.Blue Line Arts Inc.

Adults can take art classes at Blue Line Arts Inc., where they learn the simple fundamentals of drawing and painting to more complex processes such as printmaking and sculpture. Everyone from complete beginners to seasoned veterans benefits from the professional guidance of the teachers.

They also host art shows and other events throughout the year to unite Chicago’s emerging and veteran artists.

9. Beverly Art Center

Classes in painting, sketching, photography, and ceramics are just a few of the mediums taught to adults on Chicago’s South Side at the Beverly Art Center. They offer programs for both novice and seasoned artists, from « Introduction to Drawing » to « Advanced Oil Painting. »

The instructors are seasoned professionals who teach their students insightful knowledge and guide them through the development of stunning works of art.

10. Hyde Park Arts Centre

The Hyde Park Art Center is a non-profit organization that offers classes for adults and children. They offer courses in painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture, as well as more specialized courses such as animation and bookbinding.

They also have a residency program for artists who want to work in a collaborative environment.

11. The Evanston Art Center

The Evanston Art Center is a cultural center in Chicago’s far northern suburbs. It caters to adults by providing them with a wide range of art instruction from the fundamentals of drawing and painting to more complex media such as printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.

Every student, from the basic novice to the skilled professional, will benefit from the instruction of the expert professors.

12. Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts

The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts is a school in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast. Founded in 1898, the school has been teaching aspiring artists for over a century. The faculty consists of experienced professionals who provide invaluable guidance in the areas of technique and composition.

The Academy offers classes for adults in a variety of artistic disciplines, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, photography, and mixed media. In addition to expert instruction from its faculty, the Palette and Chisel also offers hands-on learning experiences with its modeling sessions and other workshops. The school also has an expansive gallery space where visitors can view works by contemporary artists.

To further support the creative community in Chicago, The Palette and Chisel also host art events throughout the year, such as talks and exhibitions. The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts is known for providing an enriching learning environment that encourages exploration while fostering student growth.

It’s a great place for adults looking to expand their artistic skills or have fun with like-minded people.


Chicago has many adult art classes that can foster creativity and artistic expression. From traditional media such as oil painting to more specialized techniques such as mosaic making, these courses offer something for everyone.

Experienced professionals give students valuable insight into their craft, which can help them hone their skills and create beautiful works of art. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, you’ll find a suitable class in Chicago.

No matter your artistic background or level of experience, there is sure to be a lesson that will bring out your inner artist. So start exploring the wonderful art world and take advantage of all Chicago’s offerings!

By Liam