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Austin, Texas is home to a thriving arts community where individuals are encouraged to let their imagination run wild. There is a wide choice of adult art classes in town, including painting, sketching, pottery, photography and more.

Taking an art class is beneficial for both novice and seasoned artists because of the opportunities it provides to develop new skills, interact with individuals who share similar interests, and relax.

Based on criteria such as course variety, instructor credentials, and student feedback, we’ve compiled a list of Austin’s top 10 adult art schools.

1. Dougherty Arts Center

The Dougherty Arts Center is a non-profit organization that provides arts education to adults. The art lessons are offered free of charge. The instructors teach different techniques, including oil painting, plein air, printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

In addition to the information classes, the studio offers several major exhibitions throughout the year where you can visit and purchase prints.

2. Austin Community College

Austin Community College offers adult education classes year-round, including art classes such as marbling, watercolor painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics.

The art classes are taught by professional artists and teach basic to advanced techniques while encouraging students to develop their style.

They have classes for every skill level and often offer evening classes to fit your schedule. Not only do they teach you the techniques of art, but they also help you develop a way to use your creativity in different aspects of life.

3. Austin Art Center

The Austin Art Center offers free basic art classes to adults at the East Austin Community Center. Classes include beginner to advanced techniques in both painting and sculpting.

The students work on canvases and sculpt from clay. The instructors are artists who volunteer their time to teach at the community center and help you learn art in a fun atmosphere.

4. University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas has several introductory art classes for adults that cover a wide variety of subjects, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

The art classes are taught in a relaxed environment and the instructors are professionals who work with the students to help them learn and better understand their craft.

They offer studio visits at lunchtime which is a great way to see what they teach.

5. The Austin art studio

The Art Studio Austin offers multiple art classes with professional artists as instructors. The art classes cover a wide variety of techniques, including watercolor, oil painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

Classes are held at The Artist’s Colony in North Austin, and students can attend all of their classes as long as they live within 15 miles of the studio.

The Arts Studio Austin has a variety of art classes available and will teach you everything from basics to advanced techniques.

6. Drago Art Center

The Drago Art Center is a non-profit organization in East Austin that offers adult art classes. They cover many different watercolor, oil, ceramic and sculpture techniques. Classes are taught by professional artists and take place in a studio in the community center.

The classes are open to all ages and they have classes throughout the day for you to attend. The instructors also teach you different techniques and help you develop your style.

7. Austin Art League

The Austin Art League is a non-profit organization that provides adult art classes year-round. Classes are provided by professional artists. The art classes cover many different techniques, including watercolor, oil painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.

For those unable to attend a class, the instructors will work with you online. They have classes for all skill levels and encourage students to develop their styles.

8. Austin Little Theater – Art Class

It’s no secret that Austin is home to a thriving theater community, including the Austin Little Theater. The adult art workshops they teach are hidden gems that few know about.

Classes are led by working artists who provide advice and training on how to improve one’s skills in painting, drawing and other visual arts. Students are encouraged to take risks and collaborate in these classes, which foster an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

In addition to art classes, the Austin Little Theater offers a wide variety of seminars and events for performers of all skill levels throughout the year.

No matter how much or how little art experience you have, taking a class at the Austin Little Theater is a great way to become more familiar with the local art scene and learn new skills.

9. The Wood Shop at Texas Craftsmen

For Austin individuals with a passion for woodworking, there is no better option than The Woodshop at Texas Craftsmen. Skilled teachers with years of experience lead the class, instructing and guiding students as they work on various woodworking projects.

Students are encouraged to use their newly acquired woodworking skills to create everything from elaborate furniture to simple tools for the home. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience, you’ll find a lesson to suit your interests at the Woodshop.

The Woodshop at Texas Craftsmen is an exceptional woodworking art class due to its friendly atmosphere and expert teachers.

10. Leander Kunstliga

All adults in the Leander area can take advantage of the many Leander Art League art programs and workshops offered by the non-profit organization. Fine art classes such as painting, sketching, printmaking and more are available at the League.

The League’s teachers are seasoned creatives and educators who are eager to pass on their knowledge. In addition to providing educational opportunities in the form of classes, the League also regularly hosts exhibitions and shows to highlight the talents of its members and raise public awareness of the arts.

One of the League’s many community service projects is donating art supplies to local institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Adults in Leander who appreciate the visual arts will find the Leander Art League a great place to expand their knowledge, network with like-minded people, and enrich the community through their own unique artistic expression.


Those interested in developing their artistic skills will find Austin a great place to do so.

Not all classes offer the same benefits or have the same features, so learning as much as you can about the classes that interest you is crucial. There is a wide range of opportunities for people of all ages, interests and skill levels, from woodworking to fine art.

The 10 best adult art classes in Austin we’ve selected below all offer high-quality training, a welcoming classroom environment, and opportunities to network with other creative people.

These courses are a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of art and enrich your life, whether you want to try something new or hone your talents in a particular art form.

So why not choose a course that meets your time constraints and provides the skills you need? Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll be able to get better at art, something that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

By Liam