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You want to save, but do not yet know in which investment. Real estate is a safe bet, we’ve been telling you since you were old enough to understand it. At the same time, you read everywhere that gold is an investment dear to the French, which they have always preferred. Let’s take stock together in this article on the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of investments. Wouldn’t they just be complementary?

I want to invest: do I prefer stone or gold?

Let’s be honest: stone has always been a safe bet. It is recommended to make it the main part of its heritage. Gold can be seen more as precautionary savings, the amount of which will only be a smaller part of your overall wealth. Investment professionals advise investing around 7% of your assets in precious metals. You have a hard blow? You get your money back. On the contrary, are you making good capital gains? Maybe it’s the right time to offer a little romantic weekend to Madame? In other words, your investment in precious metals is more of a “leisure” investment, for you who like to juggle numbers and watch rates. Thus, you do not commit the bulk of your assets to it. The price of gold remains variable, much more than that of stone: it would not be a question of taking disproportionate risks.

What are the advantages of investing in gold?

Gold has always been very popular in France. Not so long ago, children received a Louis d’or or a Napoleon for their birthdays. The physical size of gold made it a safe investment product in people’s eyes. They could see it, touch it, hide it… Gold was a much more tangible element than life insurance, for example, especially for people on earth. Times have changed a lot since then, but gold has kept its fine letters of nobility and its place in the hearts of the French. Gold is, in the collective imagination, a safe and popular safe haven to protect against hard knocks.

Here are the main advantages listed today to invest in gold.

  • Gold remains convertible everywhere very easily and makes it possible to recover funds simply and quickly.
  • Even in the event of a hasty sale, the sale price is most of the time at least equivalent to the purchase prices.
  • The price of gold is much less volatile than that of fiat currencies.
  • Gold allows you to diversify your assets and reduce the risk of losing everything.
  • Gold is a high-value investment anywhere on the planet, including countries in great chaos.
  • Gold is a significant component of jewelry products, electronic tools, etc.

How to easily invest in gold?

Today, it is possible to invest in gold from home, without in-depth investment knowledge and without committing large sums. How ? Thanks to companies such as It is an online trading platform, very easy to use, and therefore within everyone’s reach. The site allows you to buy and resell precious metals by connecting buyers and sellers. The gold can be resold the day after the purchase, realizing good capital gains, according to the current price. The ingots and coins that constitute these transactions are stored in a free zone in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the customer remains free to receive his purchases at home, but this practice is rather discouraged. Indeed, it is strongly advised not to keep gold or precious metals at home. Let’s see why.

Why not keep gold at home?

Naturally, the first idea that comes to mind is the risk of burglary. Of course, always remain cautious about the people, even close ones, who will be informed of your possessions in the field of precious metals.

In the same vein, if you were to be the victim of a serious or worse fatal accident, your treasure could never benefit anyone. You may not know it, but it’s not often that construction workers find hidden gold on building sites!

Thus, we can only strongly advise you to contact a specialized company such as, which will accompany you throughout the process of buying and selling your precious metals, in addition to taking care of its storage in completely safe. Serene investments make investors happy!

By Liam