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To hope to find a gold nugget, you have to venture at least three kilometers underground. While the heat is stifling and the rays of the solar star disappear, the precious metal timidly shows the tip of its nose. Mixed with earth and rocks, it will still have to be sorted and worked to reveal its brilliance.

Phew… What a lot of work before delighting in this extremely rare metal. And he is far from the only one. Just like gold, silver, palladium and platinum know how to be desired. Before turning your back, wait a bit…

Although expensive, precious metals are an investment with great potential. Refuge value, they protect you from need and above all, bail out your wallet if necessary. Maybe it’s time to follow in the footsteps of the explorers of the Wild West…

Why invest in precious metals?

If you frequent the stock markets, you have no doubt heard traders refer to precious metals as « safe havens ». So what is behind this expression? It’s a mystery that will be solved in a few minutes.

A safe haven asset is an asset whose value remains stable or increases over time. In witness whereof, it is possible to count on itself in difficult times. Better yet… When the stock market jumps, its price increases tenfold. This is how in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed owners of gold and silver to resell their ounces at substantial prices.

To put it simply, if precious metals are so popular, it is because they constitute an island of unwavering stability. Allowing you to build up an interesting heritage, they are extremely resistant to all forms of inflation.

Do you wonder how is that? The answer is implacably logical. Unlike banknotes, it is not possible to edit gold, silver, platinum or palladium bars at will. Due to limited stocks, these minerals are therefore becoming particularly popular.

In addition, the value of precious metals continues to increase because they are highly prized by today’s industries. For example, did you know that your cell phone and almost all screens contain some platinum? Conducting both heat and electricity, precious metals are real technological assets.

To expand your stock portfolio, it is highly desirable to invest part of your savings in precious metals. And if you’re worried about having to grab the pickaxe, rest assured. With platforms like, it only takes a few clicks to get hold of a few ounces of gold.

How to invest in precious metals?

No need to buy a meadow lost in the middle of the fields to embark on gold mining or other. Today more than ever, investing in precious metals is disconcertingly easy. Sitting behind a screen, after a few clicks, you will grow your stock portfolio.

Become a shareholder of a mining company

To drill deposits and search for new veins, gold companies need money. Lots of money. This is why most of them concede part of their shares to investors. Roughly following the price of gold, the latter are as stable as the precious metals.

Note that in addition to allowing trading, some of these companies also pay dividends. If you want to generate additional income while waiting for the ideal moment to resell, this is an excellent option.

Be careful though… Before rushing headlong into the shareholding of mining companies, it is important to specify that the latter are subject to other factors. In addition to the price of precious metals, their values ​​depend on overall productivity, the market, the political situation, etc. Don’t forget that.

Get started with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

By going through an intermediary (here an ETF), you will reduce security risks as well as storage problems. Diversified portfolios of stocks and securities like stocks, ETFs are an excellent alternative for cautious entrepreneurs.

Sometimes ETFs direct their attention to precious metals mining companies through royalties or indices. Again, the performance of your investment is proportional but not equivalent to the price of the precious metals.

To really benefit from the capital gains of the minerals, the best thing is still to buy them strictly speaking. In the gold field, it is at this precise moment that join the game.

Buy, store and resell precious metals

Yes. It is possible to buy a gold bar, or even have it delivered to your home. For example, on oretgestion.comepicureans can buy an ounce of gold at €1,200 an ounce. The latter will be stored in a secure warehouse in the free zone of Switzerland. Note that all you need is a request to receive it at home.

However, before bringing your gold to you, ask yourself some questions. Where do you plan to keep it? And above all, what will happen when it is resold? Just to solve this last point, it may be better to leave it in shared storage.

This is because buying gold or precious metals for profit usually involves a stock phase while waiting for the price to rise. The latter can take place the day after the purchase, after a week or a little later. In any case, when it occurs, you will need to be able to react quickly to generate a substantial profit margin.

When the gold is still in the hands of the trading portal, the latter takes care of the transfer of ownership and even the payment. Free of charge, the procedure allows you to have the funds in just a few seconds. Never have you had so much cash available with just a few clicks.

Entirely dematerialized, the process is devoid of administrative procedures and makes it possible to invest in precious metals at a lower cost. What are you waiting for to give it a chance?

By Liam