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Because everyone needs a car in their daily lives, traffic is becoming more and more numerous and parking spaces are increasingly limited. Indeed, for some time, it is no longer easy to find a place to put your car. But what to do?? And why not start investing in a car park?? Yes Today, more than one person embarks on this option, surely because of all its advantages. Immediate details.

A place to park, it’s very sought after today

Of course, we all want to have a garage or a space large enough to place our cars, but not everyone is born with this luck in their hands. If you are among the lucky ones, congratulations?! Otherwise, you will have to think about finding a suitable place for your car. Which is not always easy these days, given the number of people who are looking for a place for their car. To simplify your life, why not embark on theinvestment a car park?? So you’ll never worry about where to park your car again. And of course, you will no longer worry about the rent that you will have to pay monthly.

It’s a great source of income

And that’s not all?! Investing in parking also allows you to build up a good saving. If you plan to put your car there, you will set aside the monthly rent. On the other hand, if you already have a nice garage, this allows you to have a surplus of income. Eh yes?! You can rent the box or the parking lot and make money every month. You can thus calmly prepare your next vacation or your retirement. And one day, if you have decided to sell it, you can do it without any problem. After all, it’s your own parking lot, so you can do whatever you want to earn more money.

It is a very profitable investment

Today, most real estate investors are getting into theparking investment. Quite simply because it is a solution that is simple, easy and above all very profitable. Indeed, unlike apartments or villas, the charges are less heavy. Of course, there is always a diet to follow, but we can say that it is rather simple. The rate of return on the investment is between 5 to 10%. In addition, if you plan to take out a loan for financing, be aware that the procedures are simpler and that the interest rate is lower.

Company services ACOFIL in two words

Considering all its benefits, do you also want to get started?? We are here to help you. In fact, we are a company worthy of the name which invests in car parks all over Europe. We therefore offer a wide choice of car parks in exceptional locations. We have always known how to distinguish ourselves by our know-how and our professionalism. In addition, our main objective is to bring you maximum satisfaction.

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By Liam