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Opening an account in the USA and obtaining an investor visa in the USA are two very distinct and specific administrative procedures which require recourse to the knowledge and know-how of professionals specialized in the field. Alone, you risk being quickly overwhelmed by all the setbacks you may face. So, to avoid this, Ma Société US has solutions for you!

Open an account in the USA with My US Company

Opening an account in the USA is not such an easy task when you are not a resident of the United States. This is why being accompanied by experts makes it easier to deal with complications.

Why use My US Company?

If you are embarking on a professional life project in the United States, be aware that it is difficult to open an account in the USA. Indeed, the object of your request can be problematic in most American banks since they refuse to open an account for you if you are not a resident. You will be able to explain to them as best they can that your company is American, as this is not part of their commercial policy, they may not grant it to you. This is why Ma Société US offers you the opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge to quickly open your account in the USA, whether resident or non-resident.

The experts with whom you will deal will allow you to respond to certain issues preventing you from accessing an American bank:

You must have a physical address in the USA to open an account in the USA,

You must come to open your account,

You must have a business already launched,

Your French bank will also refuse to open an account for you in the USA

How to successfully open an account in the USA?

If the problems mentioned above seem insurmountable to you or if you are still wondering how Ma Société US can help you counter them, know that the solution is very simple. Indeed, the offer proposed by this company gives access to a banking service which consists in accompanying you in the opening of your professional bank account.

For this, their various partners present on site allow you to open an account in the USA in establishments issuing an American bank card with which to pay for purchases or current expenses. In addition, their constant assistance makes it possible to know all the steps to be taken, step by step. Throughout the process of opening your bank account, everything is taken care of by Ma Société US.

How to obtain an investor visa in the USA?

Applying for an investor visa in the USA requires a certain legal technicality that should not be overlooked. Ma Société US answers all your questions and supports you.

Investor visa in the USA: what are the conditions?

As for obtaining a good number of administrative papers, the investor visa in the USA calls for certain very specific conditions.

  • The country of origin of the applicant must have signed a trade treaty with the United States (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg),
  • You must succeed in proving that the business has been bought or created and that it will be able to generate enough income to meet the needs of the person and his family,
  • The applicant must justify the origin of the funds invested: personal savings, sale, goodwill, donation, etc.
  • He undertakes to leave the American territory as soon as his investor visa in the USA expires.

Advice from My US Company

You will have understood it: the request for an investor visa in the USA is not done with a snap of the fingers. To help you get it without too much difficulty, be accompanied by people who know all the ins and outs. My US Company can keep you informed of all the points to be observed and the special conditions. To put the odds on your side, she advises you first to assess the chances of success of your project while checking that your application meets all the criteria. Then, submit your business plan to the consular authorities; this is certainly the most important step to obtain an investor visa in the USA. Finally, you are advised to prepare for the oral interview that you will have to carry out with a consular officer.

My US Company actually allows you to take advantage of many advantages that will allow you to open an account in the USA and obtain an investor visa in the USA more easily.

By Liam