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No, finance is not just for a few well-heeled people or a handful of financial scholars. Anyone can get into the market and invest in the stock market. Only, you have to know the basic data, the skills you need as well as the tips that will allow you to invest your money in the stock market. Here our advice that must be taken into account before and during the actions.

Everything you need to know about the stock market

If you are a newbie and looking to get started in stock trading, we let you know on this blog the best information to identify. You will find there the essence of the concepts which it is necessary to join together before launching you in the stock market investments. There is really no point in stuffing your head with notions or terms that will complicate things or even discourage you in your plans to invest in the stock market.

Nowadays, classic saving on passbooks has become obsolete. To grow your wealth and bring about a major revolution in finance, invest in the stock market but not how!

We have created a site dedicated to this purpose. It puts before you the different options allowing you to better manage your assets and your savings while giving you the latitude to choose the one that suits you the most. The site is a compendium of the best useful notions for the stock market.

You will know the steps to follow to start on the stock market; online training on ETFs (Exchanged Traded Funds) or trackers, the importance of passive management to manage your wealth with peace of mind and the Savings 3.0 training to help you build a solid financial portfolio, whatever you are an individual or not.

Why should passive management be favored over active management?

In the stock market investment market, there are two kinds of ways of looking at things: either you invest in passive management or you engage in active management. Each of these forms of management has its own characteristics. Active management buys or sells frequently based on two strategies which are Market Timing and Stock Picking.

The first is to buy at the “right time” without dissipating one’s efforts, while the second, that is to say Stock Picking, simply consists of making a choice between financial securities or shares. But as you will have noticed, active management is based on random criteria with unstable performance indices.

On the other hand, passive management or the lazy investment aims to capture market performance based on diversification and “time in market”. More efficient and transparent, passive management is unanimous among stock market professionals and informed individuals are doing well.

By Liam