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To win on the stock market, it is important to choose the best site for online trading. There are many trading sites that differ in their tools, fees and specifics. Here is a selection of the best trading sites.

eToro: the trading site for beginners

The success of the eToro platform can be summed up in two points: its advantageous price compared to its competitors and its user experience. Indeed, this platform does not require any registration or account closing fees, nor any fees for the purchase and sale of funds. To be remunerated, the platform will thus charge €5 per withdrawal of money from an eToro account to a bank account. By choosing this platform, it will therefore be necessary to ensure that you only withdraw your money if necessary.

Regarding its user performance, the platform is ergonomic and easy to use. Available on both PC and Smartphone, it offers a service to consult the portfolios of other users; if they earn money, it is possible to copy their portfolio and perform the same operations.

To conclude, the eToro site is recommended for investors who want to start, who are looking for a design, practical, efficient and inexpensive platform.

XTB: a trading site adapted for Forex

X Trade Broker (XTB) is a Polish company created since 2002. It is particularly known in the online Forex trading market and for its ability to offer fairly low spreads. Its fast-executing, intuitive platform provides a professional environment to make the most of the markets. This site allows customers to access different currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, …

Likewise, it offers advanced features for day trading enthusiasts; for example, a simple right click on a chart is enough to access transactions and analysis tools.

Fortuneo: an online bank specializing in the stock market

Fortuneo is an online bank and platform with more than 800,000 active customers in France. It guarantees advantageous rates with a bank account accessible without income conditions. Regarding stock market investment, the information provided by Fortuneo is complete and the available funds are classified. Each user has access to the international market and benefits from a management software called “Live Trader”. Through this software, it is possible to trade stocks, bonds and various derivative products. Likewise, it helps in decision-making thanks to more than 60 technical indicators and suggestions for trading strategies.

Plus500: a trading site for CFDs

Plus500 is an international broker launched in 2008 in Israel. It offers different instruments, including CFDs, but also stocks and currency pairs. Its web trading platform is both intuitive and suitable for both new and experienced traders, if you. In terms of analysis, there are sophisticated risk management tools, more than 40 technical indicators and an economic calendar. If you have difficulties with trading then do not hesitate to go to

By Liam